Rule 37(b)(2)(A) (Reservation of Right to Appeal Post-Plea)

Unless otherwise indicated, all indented material is copied directly from the court’s opinion.

Decisions of the Tennessee Supreme Court 

State v. Scott, 619 S.W.3d 196, 203 (Tenn. 2021).

Whether the certified question [pursuant to Tennessee Rule of Criminal Procedure 37(b)(2)(A)] is dispositive of the case is a question of law and we review the issue de novo. State v. Dailey, 235 S.W.3d 131, 134–35 (Tenn. 2013) (“The appellate court, however, ‘is not bound by the determination and agreement of the trial court, a defendant, and the State that a certified question of law is dispositive of the case.’ ” (quoting State v. Thompson, 131 S.W.3d 923, 925 (Tenn. Ct. Crim. App. 2003))).

Decisions of the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals


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